Payment and Promotions

Pricing and promotions may vary by store. Not all promotions and pricing offered online are available in our Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI and Richmond, VA area stores

Redeeming Promotion and Discount Codes

For discounts on products, orders or standard shipping:

  1. Codes can be entered on either the Shopping Bag page or the Review Your Order page in Checkout.
  2. Enter the code exactly as it appears in the field provided (codes are case sensitive).
  3. Click "Apply."
  4. If your discount qualifies, it will be displayed in the payment summary.

Payment Options

We Accept the Following Credit Cards:

  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard
  3. American Express
  4. Discover Card
  5. Stein Mart Credit Card & Stein Mart MasterCard® (more information here)
  6. International Credit Cards (with valid US Ship To Address)

Other Forms of Payment Accepted:

  1. Stein Mart eGift Cards
  2. Stein Mart Gift Card
  3. PayPal

Important Payment Information

  1. We DO NOT accept "COD's", "Bill Me Later®", or "Layaway".
  2. Credit Cards are not charged until order items are shipped; however, Debit and Bank Check Cards may reflect a pending deduction of funds immediately upon order.
  3. For your security, your billing name and address must match that of the credit card used for payment.  We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not match these criteria.

Sales Tax

The amount of tax charged to an order will be calculated based on the shipment destination's state and local sales tax laws.

We do not charge sales tax on the purchase of Online Gift Certificates or Gift Cards. However, items paid for with Online Gift Certificates or Gift Cards will be charged applicable sales tax.

You may have a tax obligation in states where Stein Mart Inc. does not collect sales tax. Details of how to report these taxes may be found at the websites of your respective taxing jurisdictions.

Please note the Estimated Tax amount displayed during checkout is an estimate of the tax applicable to your order. This amount may vary slightly from the actual amount of tax payable in connection with your order due to different tax rates which apply as a result of the origin and destination of the item(s) being purchased, as well as other factors. The actual amount of tax payable in connection with your order will appear in your Order Confirmation email.

Stein Mart Fair Pricing Policy

At Stein Mart, we give our customers everyday value.

Our suppliers provide a “Comp Value” price, meaning that other full price retailers could be selling the same item for that price when it’s first offered. The item could then be subject to future markdowns by our competitors resulting in a lower price at any given time.

At Stein Mart, our items are offered at a discount price from the start.

To insure we are offering our customers a discounted price every day, we regularly research competitors’ prices. Further, when we advertise sale prices at “XX% off” we mean that the item has been reduced from this everyday discounted price, so the sale price you pay is XX% off our everyday value price.