How to Mix and Match Like a Designer

This guide will cover different types of furniture, and offer tips on mixing and matching to create a layered, dimensional designer style.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a designer look is to avoid matched, whole room sets. This is a more dated look that doesn’t convey your personality or create inviting warmth. Mix and match your way to an inviting, personalized space that's perfect for you (and your budget)!

What to Look For

To create a cohesive style, repeated elements are key. We’ve identified three easy ways to make your new additions feel right at home in your space. Whether you’re just looking for a simple refresh or transitioning to a new home style, these foolproof tips will help you decorate with confidence.

Color & Finish

One way to tie a room together is to repeat a color or finish, building off of what you already have. If your room is decorated in blue, try repeating that color either as a solid or part of a pattern in the upholstery of a new side chair. This also applies to matching wood tones. In this image, as an example, the dark chair legs coordinate with the dark metal of the faceted table. The light blue of the upholstery is also echoed in the wall art.

Remember, even if the new piece is a different style, color or wood tone, a common factor can help tie it together with the rest of your space.

chair and end table

Shape & Size

Identify your space’s focal point — what’s the first thing you notice when you enter the room? This could be an ornate area rug, a large piece of furniture or the overall room architecture (think hearth or ceilings). Note its shape and size. Is it a chair with a squared arm? Or a traditional mantel with scrollwork?

Look for new pieces that share a visual element with your focal point, like a rounded ottoman to complement your curved-arm couch, or angular end tables to match the lines of your mid century sofa.

In this example image, the chair has clean modern lines and a square arm, which is echoed in the geometric shape and perpendicular lines of the side table.

sofa arm and end table

Rule of 3s

This simple approach can layer in new style to transform what you already have. You can revamp any room in your home by simply adding three affordable new pieces that will complement your current look. One new item in a new style can look out of place, but repetition can create a cohesive look.

For example, in this room black elements are repeated in the chairs and ottoman, the table lamp and the pendant light. These smaller accents tie in the new accent chairs.

living set with decor accessories, coffee table, chair, lamp on end table

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Finishing Touches

Layer in repeated colors, finishes & shapes. Think rule of 3s!

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