Effective January 1, 2012, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 requires retailers and manufacturers doing business in California to disclose efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from its direct supply chain. The following is Stein Mart’s disclosure:


Stein Mart’s direct sourcing activity is very limited. Stein Mart’s Vendor Code of Conduct requires our vendor partners to refrain from the direct or indirect use of forced labor or human trafficking. In addition, Stein Mart is initiating dialog aimed at partnering in collaborative efforts with its vendors to advance the goal of building a more transparent supply chain.


Stein Mart relies on our vendor partners to conduct regular announced, independent, third party inspections of all factories and facilities used in the production, packaging, and transport of product intended for sale, use, or benefit by Stein Mart. Stein Mart reserves the right to make unannounced visits to all facilities producing/handling our product at any time when we have reason to believe our Vendor Code of Conduct is being violated. We also reserve the right to use an independent third party of our choice for investigations to ensure compliance with Stein Mart’s Vendor Code of Conduct.


Stein Mart includes our Vendor Code of Conduct in the Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase which applies to every purchase order issued by Stein Mart. In accepting the purchase order, our vendors must also accept the Standard Terms and Conditions contained therein. Our Vendor Code of Conduct specifically states Stein Mart will not knowingly accept product which was manufactured: using convict, forced, indentured labor or child labor; or in violation of any applicable labor, workplace safety or environmental law or regulation. Should Stein Mart identify violations to any of the requirements detailed in our Vendor Code of Conduct, Stein Mart retains the authority to cancel existing purchase orders, suspend business activity until the issue is corrected, or terminate the business relationship entirely.


We require all Stein Mart associates to comply with all Human Resources standard operating procedures and complete an Annual Ethics Certification. Should we suspect an associate has violated any of the policies contained in these documents, we will investigate the issue and take appropriate action. Violations by an associate may result in the dismissal of the associate. Violations by our vendors will subject them to the enforcement provisions discussed above in the section titled, “Certification Requirements”.


Stein Mart provides periodic training to its Merchandising/Buying associates on a number of issues aimed at equipping them with the necessary knowledge to reinforce to suppliers the importance of positive factory labor practices. Stein Mart believes educating associates is fundamental to ensuring social responsibility and plays a part in all purchasing decisions.